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Eeraj Tech is your one-stop destination for comprehensive marketing strategies tailored specifically for educational institutions. Our diverse range of services includes custom web development, cutting-edge learning management system (LMS) development, social media marketing, graphic designing, and PR coverage. With a keen focus on both online and offline channels, we seamlessly integrate strategies to maximize your institution's reach and impact. From creating engaging websites and user-friendly LMS platforms to crafting compelling social media campaigns and captivating graphic designs, we ensure that your institution's brand stands out in a crowded market. Eeraj Tech specializes in omni-channel marketing, leveraging a combination of online and offline tactics to enhance brand visibility, drive student enrollment, and foster community engagement.


Website & LMS Development That Suits Your Budget!

School Website

Homepage: Provides essential information about the school, including mission, vision, and latest news.

About Us: Detailed overview of the school's history, facilities, faculty, and achievements.

Academics: Information on curriculum, courses offered, academic calendar, and grading system.

Admissions: Guidelines and procedures for admission, downloadable application forms, and admission deadlines.

Student Life: Insights into extracurricular activities, clubs, sports, and student achievements.

Faculty Directory: Profiles of teaching staff, including qualifications, specialties, and contact information.

Parent Resources: Resources for parents, including newsletters, parent-teacher meeting schedules, and educational articles.

Events Calendar: Upcoming events, exams, holidays, and special programs.

Contact Us: Contact information, including address, phone numbers, email addresses, and interactive map.

Alumni Network: Alumni stories, events, networking opportunities, and ways to stay connected. 

Institute Website

Homepage: Highlights institute's vision, mission, and latest news.

Programs: Detailed information on academic programs, courses, trainings, and certifications offered.

Faculty Details: Profiles of faculty members, publications, and collaborations.

Admissions: Admission procedures, requirements, application forms, deadlines, and tuition fees.

Student Support Services: Counseling services, career guidance, and academic support.

Contact Information: Contact details, location map, and inquiry forms for prospective students.

Hobby Class Website

Homepage: Introduces the website and highlights popular classes.

Class Offerings: Overview of available classes, including descriptions, schedules, and fees.

Instructors: Profiles of instructors, their expertise, and teaching philosophy.

Registration: Online registration process, payment options, and enrollment deadlines.

Gallery: Photos and videos showcasing class activities, student work, and events.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about classes, registration, and policies.

Testimonials: Reviews and testimonials from current and former students.

Blog/News: Articles, tips, and updates related to hobbies, crafts, and skill development.

Contact Us: Contact details, location map, and inquiry form for additional information.

LMS Website

User Authentication: Secure login for students, teachers, and administrators.

Course Management: Creation, organization, and management of courses, modules, and lessons.

Content Management: Uploading, organizing, and sharing of course materials, documents, and multimedia.

Assessment and Grading: Creation and management of quizzes, assignments, and exams with automated grading.

Communication Tools: Discussion forums, messaging systems, and announcements for effective communication.

Progress Tracking: Monitoring of student progress, grades, and attendance records.

Collaboration Features: Group projects, virtual classrooms, and peer-to-peer learning.

Integration: Compatibility with third-party tools, plugins, and learning resources.

Support and Resources: Helpdesk, tutorials, FAQs, and technical support for users.


Unique & Customized Graphic Designing That Tells Your Brand Story!

Eeraj Tech, your go-to destination for crafting compelling visual identities that resonate with educational brands. Our creative graphic design services go beyond mere aesthetics; they serve as powerful storytelling tools, amplifying your brand's message loud and clear. At Eeraj Tech, we understand the unique needs of educational institutions, and our team of skilled designers is dedicated to creating designs that captivate your audience and reflect your brand's values. What makes us stand out is our expertise in omni-channel marketing. By seamlessly integrating online and offline mediums, we ensure that your brand's message reaches a wider audience. From designing impactful social media graphics to crafting immersive print materials, we guarantee consistency across all touchpoints. Our strategic approach maximizes engagement, drives brand awareness, and ultimately fosters stronger connections with your audience. 

Partner with Eeraj Tech today and let us help you stand out in a competitive market, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and achieve your marketing objectives with confidence.


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